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Digtwit : Digmia Retweeter

Digtwit is a very simple command-line tool in Java, that checks for a hashtag (#digmia in our case) in a user's friends feed on Twitter and retweets any messages mentioning that hashtag automatically. By following a user, you allow a user to be included in automatic retweets. It is meant to be run from cron. For more, check doc/readme.txt in distribution (includes source code and binary).

And do not forget to follow digmia user on Twitter .

It uses JTwitter which is under LGPL license. Digtwit itself has been written by Juraj Bednár of Digmia s.r.o. and is a public domain. No warranty and no support.

2013-06-15 Version 1.2 released

This version adds support for new API and upgrades all underlying libraries. It also uses new-style retweets (without "RT ...").