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JSMPPGW is an open-source JMS/ActiveMQ <-> SMPP gateway. It could be useful, if your SMS operator wants you to send and receive SMS messages (usually in bulk) through SMPP, but you want simpler and more standard way to do it.




  • Supports active/active clustering out of the box (underlying JMS, such as ActiveMQ has to be in active-active mode too).
  • Graceful degradation and retrying of unsent messages.
  • Can be run on any container (Jetty and Glassfish were tested).
  • Is open-source (Apache License 2.0)
  • Is manageable through Java Management Interface. Monitoring, statistics and error reporting available.
  • Tested in production
  • Supports sending of long messages
  • Supports receiving of messages


Documentation included in tarball, we welcome feedback.





Uses jsmpp library, Apache Commons and command line jmx client for status view.