About us

Since 2006, we have been providing our clients with services in the field of design, operation and administration of IT infrastructure. Our service portfolio also includes cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Our clients include companies engaged in, for example, news portals, or have critically important company systems. We ensure secure and continuous connection at our two data centres.

Our greatest value is our people – our employees, with whom we can succeed in both common and extraordinary challenges.

Our team

Vladimír Konečný
Vladimír is one of the founders of Digmia and, thanks to his management experience, he has advanced Digmia to amongst the professional players on the market. He proposes strategies and the development of new business. In the past he held important managerial positions at GTS and Markíza.
Lucia Komiňáková
Chief Human Resources Officer
Lucia’s career began in IT recruiting and Executive Search. After 7 years in the agency she has changed to the internal human resources department, where her role is to take care of people as the most important creative resource, and employees’ satisfaction. Her hobbies include observing the world and things that are happening. She is most interested in and inspired to think by complex non-linear systems – people.

Jobs available at Digmia

We are looking for people, not machines. This is why we are constantly improving our work environment and rules. We aim to achieve this, for example, by having almost no rules. We mostly appreciate the human value of our team members.

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