Digmia tim na hisacine
DIGMIA celebrates 10 years!
23. November 2016

We founded DIGMIA ten years ago - in 2006. We've grown from a small group of technology geeks into three successfull companies – still full of technology geeks :)

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29C3: Not My Department
29. June 2016

Chaos Communication Congress (CCC or C3 for short) is traditionally held between Christmas and New Year. This date is chosenRead More

OHM2013: Hackers are camping
26. August 2013

The evocative video made by conference organizer tried to convince the audience that the hacker campgrounds are a Dutch traditionRead More

Running Lean workshop
17. November 2011

I attended a Running Lean workshop by Ash Maurya. It is closely tied with his book Running Lean which allRead More