Citadelo - our new brand for security services

DIGMIA has decided to separate its team dedicated to ethical hacking, penetration testing and security to form a new brand called Citadelo.

Given the clientele of DIGMIA, security aspect was strongly present in each project. New customers were asking for incident response after hacker attacks. Over time, our clients have begun to address this issue not only also proactively.

Good references led us to new types of customers from financial, banking and insurance industries. The security team was gradually separated from the rest of the team and is currently working as an independent entity.

The reason for separation from our original brand DIGMA was the fact that the teams have worked separately for some time. Main reason is our desire to build a new brand that would represent everything that the security specialists from DIGMIA did.

This is how Citadelo was created - it is the company that will test and improve your safety on the internet. Not only banks need to protect their data, trade secrets, personal data and reputation. Through this new brand, we are bringing our vision about the security of the corporate environment, small, medium-sized and start-up companies to reality.

Citadelo shares office space and values with DIGMIA. We believe that with the new brand, we can make the Internet a safer place for our business clients while we improve the level of privacy, personal data and financial security to ordinary Internet users.

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