Towercom is a leading Slovak provider of wireless television and radio distribution services and broadcast tower infrastructure. It also provides novel two-way data communications services based on a robust and stable core infrastructure.

Client requirements:

The primary goals of the project included building out a new, stable and scaleable ISP core and edge network for multicast streaming, utilization of existing infrastructure to provide new data services and making the company into an internet service provider. In order to provide quality, effective Ethernet services to future, existing and internal clients, a unified, nationwide core network was constructed based on MPLS carrier technology, with a uniform design and centralized administration. This network provides for the rapid addition of new connections and simplified maintenance for existing ones, while offering all participants the advantages of the same high-quality links. This solution eliminated an unstable and unreliable network with long convergence times that posed a great risk to multicast streaming services for broadcasters. Towercom thus achieved substantially improved reliability and control over the streams it provides to broadcasters as well as the ability to deliver higher-quality data services.

Digmia's solution:

For the core network, Digmia specified and implemented Cisco ASR 9010 and ASR 9006 aggregation services routers, and deployed Cisco ME 3600 series switches at the network edge. Based on the client's needs and desires, we designed the most suitable topology for the new network and narrowed down the selection to a set of possible platforms that could meet all technical requirements. Final selection was conducted via a tender process. In the implementation phase, we had at our disposal two parallel infrastructures for in-depth testing of the overall functionality. The challenge was to unify the various methods of stream delivery between partners and customers during a single three-hour service window. After cutover, we continue to administer and monitor both the core and edge networks for the customer, as well as other technically-demanding parts of their network.

Benefits to the client:

Benefits for Towercom included improving the effectiveness and quality of stream transmission from customers to broadcaster headends, substantial improvements to controls and options for resolving problems occurring with them. Towercom now has their own BGP AS number and public IP ranges, as well as full BGP routing with two independent upstream ISPs, and has gained the capacity for broader and more flexible data services offerings including diverse types of circuits and interconnections. The client now enjoys greater scaling capabilities and a vastly higher-performing core network enabling "unlimited" opportunities for interconnection with and of services to external customers. Streaming stability to satellite/terrestrial/radio broadcasting uplinks has been improved, and Towercom has become an ISP.