Design and delivery of infrastructure in cloud environment

Infrastructure design for running of web applications

  • Analysis of technical requirements for operation of applications
  • Solution design in cloud environment reflecting required computing power, security and scalability with help of managed services
  • Solution implementation in selected cloud environment such as AWS, GCP, Azure

Optimization of cloud services

  • Specification of requirements for service optimization (e.g. cost, performance, availability)
  • Simulation of scenario optimization such as cost savings, re-routing of data traffic or increased availability and security against cyber attacks)
  • Deployment of changes in cloud service configuration and post-implementation support

Migration to cloud and between cloud service providers

  • Migration goal setting and analysis of initial state (infrastructure, applications, data volume and structure)
  • Selection of migration strategy using 6R model (Retire, Retain, Rehost, Refactor, Replatform or Repurchase)
  • Migration planning and preparation of automation tools
  • Delivery (Agile approach) and post-migration optimization